Unit 2 safeguarding children and young

Information and intelligence should be shared via local processes with the host and home local authorities and the police.

Trustees are expected to find out what the relevant law is, how it applies to their organisation, and to comply with it where appropriate. Children should have information about and easy access to; help lines and support services.

These would include but not exclusively the following circumstances: Useful statistics Some useful statistics on domestic violence. It is imperative that you understand your local police force policy on the definition of missing and absent and how national guidance has been implemented.

This accommodation may be secure or non-secure. This duty is in addition to the existing obligation for Ofsted to disclose this information to local authorities. Under the care of a woman This term refers to a female police officer or female member of police staff.

It is the responsibility of the responsible placing authority to arrange an independent return interview and arrangements should be explicit within the placement and care plan for the child that reference relevant pathways.

Regular reports on this data should be provided to council members and the LSCB. These safeguards should include a child protection policy and procedures for dealing with issues of concern or abuse. MARACs are held once a month in different areas of the county.

It should plan for their safe recovery and actions to be taken to safeguard them once they are located, including the appropriate placement.

This may lead to other assessment processes including early helpSocial Work Assessment or Section 47 investigation. Environmental factors such as weather, time of year, community events or tensions.

6 Domestic Violence and Abuse

Two documents are particularly helpful: Course members are expected to attend for the whole of the course and managers will be informed if participants fail to attend or do not complete courses.

Forms of abuse The table below shows the various forms of abuse and how to recognise them. Danger posed by the child to themselves and others. One individual having between four and six missing episodes in one year.

This will include consideration of whether the previous arrangements at home or in placement are safe and appropriate. Furthermore, short absences may be as risky as lengthy ones. They also allow professionals to take swift action to prevent further risks.

If a course is over subscribed, when the closing date for nominations arrives places are offered both to ensure a multi-agency mix and by priority as listed below. A professional should be nominated to proactively engage with the mother and maintain contact, particularly immediately after separation.

If applicable checking with the school, college, other education provider or work placement. The DBS decides who is unsuitable to work or volunteer with vulnerable groups and it is illegal for a barred person to apply for such work paid or voluntaryor for a charity to employ a barred person in such work.

Return interview Statutory guidance states that a Return Home Interview should be carried out by an independent person within 72 hours of return. UK for her help with updating this guidance. Other agencies will be invited depending on need. A secondary aim is to hold the abusive partner accountable for his violence and provide him with opportunities to change.

Assessment task – TDA Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people The credit from this unit can be carried forward to the CACHE Level 2 Certificate for the. The Somerset Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) is the statutory, multi-agency partnership with responsibility for coordinating, monitoring and challenging all activity relating to safeguarding children and young people living in Somerset.

Welcome to the Stockport Safeguarding Children Board website.

20 Children missing from care, home and education

The Stockport Safeguarding Children Board website offers safeguarding resources and contacts to help children. On this site you will find information about Blackburn with Darwen Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB), multi-agency safeguarding policies and procedures, training opportunities, access to e-learning, local agency details and the latest news.

Unit Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people Safeguarding Legislation and Policy On the following page is a leaflet which identifies national legislation for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. Report your concerns about a child or young person. If you're worried about a child or young person and think they may be a victim of neglect, abuse or cruelty, contact your local Children's Social Care office - please see the links below.

Unit 2 safeguarding children and young
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