Unit 1 p1 describe the type

They also will need to compare and analyse the systems in terms of sustainability, budgeting, performance and accessibility to make the right purchases. At any time, the user can access this list and select a website.

business BTEC level 3 Unit 1 P1

And keeping safety equipment available in case of an emergency e. The advantage of this is that if multiple computers need the administrators attention, they can use this to speed up the process so that the administrator can fix problems quickly and efficiently.

They want women to be more aware of how much they are being exploited by men. Most graphic designers go for the highest possible CPU as graphics tend to consist of a lot of instructions and the more instructions the processor can deal with the faster the graphic program will run as most graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop operations take a lot of processor speed.

First of all they have to help with budget allocation and manage the activities within each process. The advantage of Rolex watches are that they are very high quality and got very unique luxury design that why they are famous for its quality.

Another criticism is that the Marxist view are utopic as there will never be a system where everyone is absolutely equal. Marketing Officer The main role of a Marketing Officer is to oversee the companies marketing structure and campaign and also communicating this message to the rest of the company.

Unit 5 - Task 1 - P1

They could possibly use software exploitations if they were one of the ones working on the software themselves and know it inside out. This protocol is used for the same reason as the above. A criticism of the interactionist theory is that it does not sufficiently address questions of social order and social change.

If they must buy a high quantity of computers for the college, then they need to make sure that they make the right choice and the computer systems meet Bolton colleges criteria.

Unit 22 Assignment 1 Task 2 Describe different types of computer games (P2)

All web authoring tools provide the best facilities to create a web page and upload it to the web server. The marketing officer has quite a few responsibilities like planning and delivering new ideas and campaigns to increase company promotion. It looks at how individual computers are identified so data can be sent to the correct place; the methods of data transfer access such a massive network and the naming of websites.

To do this, images have to be compressed and conform to the websafe palette. This is because the internet protocol is responsible for finding the other computers destination and without this protocol then this process will not take place.

Servers are dedicated which means that they can only preform one task. A domain name is only the core part of the name google and the extension. Many browsers possess a favourites or bookmarks list. Database systems — Usually, e-commerce websites have a database back-end storing the catalogue of products, customer records and other business information.

Their main purpose is to make high quality watches with luxury design. This is to do with the way the browser understands the code and this must be kept in mind when designing a website.

P1 – Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting business Help for heroes is a charitable company that was founded by Byrn and Emma Parry inthey started Help for Heroes.

They raise money for the servicemen returning from war, in Afghanistan and Iraq. Unit 7 - P1 Pass 1 - IT Security threats and their impact on organisations a type of virus or other possible malware set to destroy your system unit from the inside and external threats such as physical damage/theft to the computer system by a thief or somebody with access who has sabotaged the system(s).

Risk Management [] Describe. P1 Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses Airport Express train: AET is a very high speed rail with MTR system located in Norway.

It is first high speed railway of Norway and it provides the fast and very comfortable transportations to the passengers. Unit 8 p1. These technologies are required to make e-commerce effective and cater to all the needs of others.

In order for a company to flourish in e-commerce, they will need to have these technologies: Hardware and software – Just like all computer systems, e-commerce includes a collaboration of hardware and software. Task 1: Describe how the internet operates: The internet is used widely within the world by millions of different people.

People use it for many different things, such as social media, online banking, online shopping, emailing or for there own online businesses.

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On completion of this unit a learner should: 1 Know the potential causes and effects of challenging behaviour. 2 Understand legislation and guidance concerned with challenging behaviour.

3 Be able to contribute to the development of a strategy for dealing with challenging behaviour.

unit 7: P1- Explain the principal sociological perspectives Unit 1 p1 describe the type
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Unit 5 - Task 1 - P1