An essay on the subject of ebonics

Rather than the once-held view that Ebonics is slang or bad English, it is now acknowledged as one of many dialects of what is called Standard American English. Social Status As is true of the speech of ethnic minority groups the world over, Ebonics is highly stigmatized.

A lot of people were upset that school would be teaching "bad" English. Who is prospering from Ebonics. I think we speak the language of all Americans and everyone is very articulate in their efforts.

However, as perhaps the most widespread and salient nonstandard dialect of English, and one with strong cultural associations to a historically subjugated and educationally marginalized population, Ebonics has proved impervious to official attempts to eradicate it.

The District is not teaching Ebonics. University of Pennsylvania Press. At the same time, Ebonics has strong positive associations for its speakers, as a marker of ethnic identity, community membership, and resistance to White domination. What caused Ebonics seems to be the fact that a large number of the Afro- American population, by being kept isolated and discriminated, have been forced into living in a separate language culture, a culture elsewhere since long time extinct.

Oakland School District has decided to teach Ebonics in place of English. Racial issues are finally making it to the top of the American consciousness.

I sense a inner aversion when I read the sentence "genetically-based language", hatred and stupidity have long enough ruled this world.

They would say "He be fraid" for example, instead of "He is afraid. Different groups with different ideologies get a chance to discuss their opinions, and the American society will definitely prosper from this exchange of views.

Many speakers learn to fluidly code-switch between Ebonics and standard English; however, even the nonexclusive use of Ebonics is thought by many to mark speakers as uneducated and coarse.

Ebonics further segregates an already racially divided school district. Recently a "Superliteracy" component was added to ensure the development of high levels of reading, writing, and speaking skills.

The school board hoped that students would receive better instruction in standard English and other subjects if the teachers understood they were teaching students who spoke a separate language.

For example, transformations may occur in verb forms: Personally I think of ebonics as just lower class English. In more recent years, recognition of its systematic nature, and of its importance as a marker of ethnic identity and cultural resistance, has spread among many educators, resulting in attempts to shift assimilationist school policies toward a more tolerant view.

They will find new ways to describe these things and their changed perspective will give them new ways of talking about old things. The wanted respect is not gained by marking children speaking a dialect as bilingual. Ever since the abolition of slavery, separatist Caucasian-American society have discriminated a large number of its Afro-American population, forced them into living in poverty, in a separate culture, both social and language wise.

The District is trying to classify Ebonics i. This is how the language came about and evolved from standard British English to American English. In this essay, I will discuss the issue of whether ebonics should be considered a second language.

Rickford critiques both of these hypotheses in favor of the creolist view, which holds that as African slaves acquired English, they developed a pidgin that combined features of English and African languages; this pidgin eventually evolved into Ebonics.

This language has been studied for several decades and is variously referred to as Ebonics literally "Black sounds"or "Pan-African Communication Behaviors," or "African Language Systems.

There have always been changes in the English language. This, because Ebonics is a rather new and first and foremost an all American phenomenon. With various newspaper articles as the only source of information, different people reading about Ebonics could end up with some very different opinions on what the main concept really is about.

Well, "bad" is judgmental. There is a need for movements and organisations who is willing to fight for respect and justice among races and societies.

In fact, the original form of the resolution recommended that Ebonics be used along with English as a medium of instruction for African American children and that it be not only respected but maintained. The real Ebonics debate: Furthermore, through its association with certain forms of popular culture, such as rap and hip-hop music, Ebonics has gained considerable ground among U.

Much of the present discussion is concentrated on whether to view Ebonics as a dialect of standard English or as different language, a question long debated between linguists. The recommendations see Appendix 3based on academic research, focus on te unique language stature of African American pupils, the direct connection of English language proficiency to student achievement, and the education of parents and the community to support academic achievement see bibliography in Appendix 4.

Technically speaking, Ebonics is the vernacular style of The English language spoken by Afro-Americans.

Black English Vernacular Essay

Essay about Ebonics Words | 15 Pages Ebonics INTRODUCTION The main topic of this paper is the USA, and I have chosen to concentrate on a fairly new issue, the language know as Ebonics.

Ebonics Essay Examples. 23 total results. Understanding Ebonics and Its Roots from African Americans. words.

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An Essay on the Subject of Ebonics. words. 1 page. An Argument Against the Ebonics in the Education of African American Students in the United States of America. 1, words. Ebonics Essay example; Ebonics Essay example. Words 3 Pages. Ebonics The other day I was talking on the subject of Ebonics.

I feel Ebonics should be a language. I mean black adolescents that are seen as stupid and non-educated mostly use it. The talk compelled me to do some extensive studying on the subject. Black English Vernacular Essay The term Ebonics, from the words ebony (“Black”) and phonics (“sounds”), was coined by social psychologist Robert Williams in Also known as Black English Vernacular (BEV) or African American Vernacular English (AAVE), Ebonics is a social dialect spoken mainly by African Americans in the United States.

Home Essays A three pages essay on ebonics. A three pages essay on ebonics. Topics: English language No one would have thought that comedian Bill Cosby would have an opinion on this subject, but as I read through essay I. Jun 07,  · Ebonics is defined as a system of oral communication utilized by Americans of African ancestry that consists of phonology, syntax, morphology, semantics, lexicon, rate, rhythm, stress, and nonverbal communication.

An essay on the subject of ebonics
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An essay on the subject of ebonics